Dinner Experience & Lounge

This innovative concept created by Grupo RosaNegra gets its inspiration from Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisines.

It offers Sushi, Curry, Noodles and delicious rice dishes made with fresh products and prepared at the moment, providing you with a variety of textures and exquisite aromas.

Funky Geisha Restaurant
Funky Tulum
Funky Cancun

Find Funky Geisha in its three locations: Cancun, Tulum and Cabo, each with a unique personality but preserving the essence of the concept, which invites you to delight your senses through different sensations and spaces inspired by oriental culture with a chic and sophisticated touch.


Funky Geisha offers outdoor spaces with a relaxed and bohemian style, which invites you to enjoy a mystical experience to the rhythm of the surprising Taiko Drum show in its three locations Cancun, Tulum, and Cabo. Likewise, you can enjoy vibrant nights with sparklers in Tulum, that will fill you with energy and excitement.

Join us in a festive and ideal atmosphere to celebrate with friends in the middle of the party and the shows that come to life when you enjoy the most original artisanal drinks.

Taiko drum show

Taiko is an ancient Japanese form of percussion that uses a large drum as a medium of energy exchange. It is the ultimate link of energy between a drummer, the drum, and the audience.

“The round shape of the drum represents the Universe and its regular and loud beat is the pulse, the heart that beats in its center. It is like the voice of the Great Spirit, and this sound sets us in motion and helps us understand the mystery and power of all things.”

Taiko drum show in Tulum


You will be able to enjoy dishes full of infinite nuances, spices, and aromatic flavors, which will transport you through the authentic Asian culture.



Tripadvisor ratesit as one of the best restaurants in Cancun, receiving its first award with the Certificate of Excellence 2021.

Funky Geisha is the winner of 2020 Diner’s Choice 2020 award granted by Open Table in recognition for having the highest ratings of its customers and being one of the restaurants in Tulum with the highest number of reservations.

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