Best Wok Dishes and Techniques - Funky Geisha

Best Wok Dishes and Techniques - Funky Geisha

At Funky Geisha, the wok technique is combined with fresh ingredients and traditional spices to create dishes that will delight your senses.

The best sushi in Los Cabos

Discovering the Art of Sushi at Funky Geisha Los Cabos

Discover where to eat the best sushi in Los Cabos made with high quality ingredients in the most incredible spot in Los Cabos. The best sushi rolls in Los Cabos

Girls Night Out in Funky Geisha

Love is the feeling that moves the world and makes life better; love as a couple, family and friends are true reasons to celebrate. Visit Funky Geisha Cancun with your best fr...

NYE in Funky Geisha Los Cabos

Funky Geisha is one of the best Asian restaurants in Los Cabos, its location in the Hotel ME Cabo makes it even more extraordinary; from your table you can enjoy the incredibl...

Celebrate NYE in Cancun

In Cancun there is always something to do and the best thing about visiting during December is that the temperature is perfect, you can still enjoy the beach days and forget a...

Discover the new Funky Geisha Tulum

Funky Geisha is one of the hot spots in Tulum, a place to delight the senses and experience an encounter with Asian culture, surrounded by jungle and exotic vegetation.

5 cocktails you must try at Funky Geisha

Funky Geisha's mixology is one of the most creative and spectacular in Tulum, its ingredients, techniques, aromas and presentations make it unique in the destination. Each rec...

Discover True Nature by Daniel Popper

RosaNegra's Bohemian Square hides a new work of art called "True Nature" created by international artist Daniel Popper.

Benefits of a vegan diet

The vegan diet is becoming more and more common every day, over the years the number of vegan restaurants has been growing throughout Mexico and the world. More diners are dem...