Benefits of a vegan diet

The vegan diet is becoming more and more common every day, over the years the number of vegan restaurants has been growing throughout Mexico and the world. More diners are demanding vegan options in their community and city. 

Being vegan is not just a diet, it’s also a lifestyle that defends animal rights and lives by values that prioritize environmental conservation and the care of all living beings.

These are some of the benefits of the vegan diet:


Not contributing to environmental pollution 

Meat production is one of the most polluting industries, due to the large use of soil and water for the maintenance of cattle. The emission of greenhouse gases is comparable to the pollution of transportation, since it requires a large amount of grain feed required for meat production and is a significant contributor to deforestation, habitat loss and species extinction.


A rich diet with high nutritional value

By not eating animal protein, vegan diets are often very creative with recipes that mix various vegetables and attempt to simulate classic recipes. Vegan options include nuts, peanut butter, seeds, grains and legumes, several vegetables and lots of plant-based products. 


Helps to prevents disease

Those who eat vegan have lower cholesterol levels, as well as lower blood pressure and body mass index. All these factors are related to a lower risk of chronic diseases and mortality. Helps prevent diseases related to blood pressure and diabetes. 


Weight control

Several studies prove that vegans and vegetarians have a lower body mass index. A vegan diet done correctly and monitored by experts, helps weight control in an indirect way. This is attributed to the large amount of legumes and their satiety effect, among many other factors. 


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