Fun facts about Chopsticks


Today we use chopsticks on a regular basis, we use them to eat noodles, pokes, sushi and rice, but what’s the story behind these simple, yet useful utensils?

It’s believed that they have been used for eight thousand years in countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea. According to research, chopsticks began to be used during the Han Dynasty, to avoid fine china from being damaged. Finally, during the Ming Dynasty, the use of chopsticks was completely normalized.

In China, they are called Kuái Zi, which means “fast bamboo” referring to how practical they are and the material they are made from. However, in different cultures chopsticks were created of different materials to reflect wealth, power, or social rank. Jade, bronze, and Ivory are some of the materials that were used in ancient times, each material has advantages and disadvantages, and it was even usual to carve Family names on them.

Although they might look the same, chopsticks can have slight differences such as length, weight, and shape. It’s believed that they are useful to reach the food that is in the center of the table since dishes are often shared.

At Funky Geisha, most of our dishes can be eaten with chopsticks and we love that our guests can feel completely immersed in the oriental experience: the atmosphere, flavors, drinks, and of course the way they enjoy their food.

We certainly couldn’t imagine what it would be like to eat Funky Geisha’s favorite dishes without them.

Have you mastered the art of eating using chopsticks?