Girls Night Out in Funky Geisha


Love is the feeling that moves the world and makes life better; love as a couple, family and friends are true reasons to celebrate. Visit Funky Geisha Cancun with your best friends and treat yourself to a unique night by the Nichupte lagoon. 

If you’re looking for a fun plan on February 14th we tell you why you have to come:


A reason to get together

Nowadays making plans with friends can be a complicated task, between busy schedules and different routines, sometimes it seems impossible to find a date. Take advantage of Valentine's Day and use it as the best excuse to get together. 


The fun starts before dinner

It's not just about the dining experience, the fun starts beforehand. From meeting at a friend's house, playing music, getting dressed up together and picking out the best outfits for the night. Make the preparation a unique moment of complicity. 


Amazing photos together

Funky Geisha has incredible spots to take pictures that will become memories for a lifetime. At the entrance you will find a bridge that is perfect, as well as the Daniel Popper sculpture in Bohemian Square, one of the hot spots in the hotel zone that you can't miss during your visit.

Fascinating Asian dishes

Funky Geisha's menu was inspired by various Asian cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese and Thai. Find exotic dishes with high quality ingredients that will captivate your senses and make you want to come back to try new ones. 

Signature Mixology

At Funky Geisha you will find exotic signature drinks, created with refreshing syrups and high quality ingredients to offer you an unforgettable experience. Each drink represents a unique concept and moment. 


A new tradition

You can repeat this experience year after year and create a new tradition with your friends. This way every Valentine's Day you can get together to enjoy the best Asian food in Cancun. You can even propose to visit different locations such as discovering Funky Geisha Tulum and Funky Geisha Los Cabos. Are you up for it?