Sep 18, 2020

Meet the new kid in Tulum!!

Meet the new kid in Tulum!!

Funky Geisha opened its doors in heavenly Tulum on September 16, 2020.

Funky Geisha envelops you in a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy with friends or a romantic moment with its colourful cushions, low lounge tables and soft lighting.

It features a menu with Chinese, Thai and Japanese influences with delicious options for all palates and a full bar with exclusive mixology with an Asian flair that will take you to on a journey the Orient.

We recommend a curry; it can be yellow, green or the delicious Panang from Thailand; any curry or noodle plate can include shrimp, chicken or beef or if you want it to be vegan, you can request it.

Image curry

Music is always a vital part of an experience and in this case, it is no different, the DJ takes the guests on a journey that becomes more festive as the night progresses. And the Taiko drum show is something that impresses anyone with a sound that you can feel in our heart.

Taiko drum image.

When you finish your meal, relax with a delicious hookah session. A great way to spend time with friends. Experiment with the different flavours of tobacco that we have at Funky Geisha.

Come and meet Funky Geisha, the newest Asian restaurant in Tulum.

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