Aug 22, 2020

3 Healthy ingredients of Asian cuisine that you should include in your diet

3 Ingredients of Asian cuisine that you must include in your diet

We all want to have a strong, slim, healthy body; and the best way to achieve this is through a complete diet. They have discovered many benefits in foods that different cultures have used for thousands of years.

Nowadays it is easy to find them in supermarkets and even in Asian food delivery in Cancun. We will talk about 3 of these ingredients that you can find in Funky Geisha dishes.


This is a medicinal plant and its root is long and yellow, this is the part where the famous yellow powder comes form.

This powder is part of many dishes such as yellow curry. Another common way to consume it is in tea, but it can be sprinkled on fruits, salads, with yoghurt etc. 

This superfood has many benefits; among them:

  1. Anti-inflammatory: A study from the University of Arizona in 1980 showed that it is a powerful anti-inflammatory.
  2. Purifying: Curcumin works to purify the liver, increasing the flow of bile and rejuvenating the cells of that organ. So much so that a study from Austria claims it can help stop cirrhosis damage.
  3. Improves memory: It is a wonderful antioxidant so you should include it often in dressings, sauces and smoothies.
  4. Helps digestion: Treats symptoms of depression: In a study conducted in India, they found that turmeric extract has better results than the medicine they usually prescribe for this condition.


It is a plant native to Southeast Asia and the part that has been used in traditional medicine for more than 2000 years is the root.

As time passed, they started using it in gastronomy because it has a strong flavour that creates delicious combinations. Here are some of its many benefits:

  1. Favours digestion: Helps prevent nausea and vomiting. Useful when travelling or during pregnancy when suffering from nausea.
  2. It is thermogenic: This means that it increases the temperature when you ingest it so it is useful in cold weather.
  3. Effective in reducing pain and inflammation, it helps prevent colon cancer and it is a common remedy to treat osteoarthritis.
  4. Improves circulation: It helps blood flow and for this reason, is considered a powerful aphrodisiac.
  5. Speeds up the metabolism: One of the reasons it is popular is that it, aids in weight loss by consuming it regularly.

To include it in your diet, you can take it in the form of tea, add a small piece in juices or smoothies, such as those from #Mejorandomimundo, adding a delicious flavour or in dishes like our Funky salad or Macao Duck.


Coconut contains essential minerals that help you feel energized, its water is moisturizing and its oil has many uses in cosmetics and health when applied to skin and hair and even to prevent cavities. Here we will mention some of its benefits:

  1. Antibacterial: Coconut milk is antibacterial and helps strengthen the immune system.
  2. Helps regulate blood pressure thanks to its Potassium content.
  3. Moisturizer: Its water is a wonderful moisturizer as it contains minerals. For athletes, it works as an isotonic.

You can include it in your smoothies or salads, or try the Tom Kha Gai Soup with Coconut Milk and Lemongrass from Funky Geisha.


Ready to start improving your diet? An easy way to do it from the comfort of your home or office is by ordering Gourmet food at home from Funky Geisha, where you can also pair it with a delicious dessert or wine delivered to your home.

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