Discovering the Art of Sushi at Funky Geisha Los Cabos

Sushi is not just raw fish and rice; it’s an art form that requires skill, patience and an understanding of Japanese culture. At Funky Geisha Los Cabos, we pride ourselves on serving traditional sushi made with fresh ingredients and expert technique. In this guide, we will explore the different types of sushi and how to enjoy them according to Japanese tradition.


Nigiri: The classic sushi


Nigiri is the most traditional form of sushi, and consists of a small piece of raw fish on a mound of vinegared rice. At Funky Geisha, we offer a variety of nigiri options, from tuna, hamachi and Ora king salmon. To enjoy nigiri properly, lightly dip the fish side in soy sauce and eat it in one bite, rice side down.


Maki: the roll


The maki, or sushi roll, is perhaps the most popular form of sushi in Western culture. At Funky Geisha, we offer a wide selection of maki rolls, from Mango California roll to more daring options such as the Spicy Tuna Roll and one of the most requested: the Alaskan Fire roll. To enjoy the maki properly, pick up a piece with your fingers or chopsticks, and dip it lightly in soy sauce. 



Temaki: the hand roll


Temaki is a type of sushi made by wrapping a cone-shaped piece of rice with seaweed and filling it with ingredients such as fish, vegetables and mayonnaise dressing.


Sashimi: raw fish


Sashimi is raw fish cut into thin or thick slices, usually served as an appetizer before the main course. At Funky Geisha, you can choose between tuna, salmon and hamachi sashimi. To enjoy it, dip it lightly in soy sauce and eat it alone, without rice or other accompaniments, preferably the soy should be natural and not acidic, for a more traditional experience where you can taste the flavors of fresh fish. 


At Funky Geisha Los Cabos, we are proud to serve traditional Japanese sushi made with exclusive high quality ingredients, prepared in an innovative way for you to enjoy this delicacy in one of the most incredible spots of  ME Cabo. 

If you’re looking for where to eat sushi in Los Cabos, we invite you to join us and experience the art of sushi for yourself.

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