5 cocktails you must try at Funky Geisha

Funky Geisha's mixology is one of the most creative and spectacular in Tulum, its ingredients, techniques, aromas and presentations make it unique in the destination. Each recipe was designed to pair perfectly with the relaxed atmosphere and Asian-inspired dishes.

Its flavors are refreshing and a total delight for your senses, these are our recommendations for your next visit. 


Funky is the house signature drink, it’s flamed, smoked, has cinnamon and citrus aromas. A true visual spectacle and a much requested drink, because it includes a sublime happening at your table. 

A way to celebrate at the table with a drink you won't find anywhere else. 


An artisanal cocktail that will conquer your senses, it’s an extraordinary combination of mezcal and ginger. It has a spicy touch that fuses perfectly with another star ingredient: cucumber. A drink to refresh your evening and pair with your favorite sushi roll.  


Java is the ideal choice for tequila lovers. A unique flavor that combines with our homemade syrups and sharbats. It’s prepared with passion fruit and pineapple and is one of the most requested drinks. Our ingredients are totally natural and fresh to highlight the notes on your palate. 


A drink prepared with mezcal combined with other ingredients such as orange, pineapple and lemon juice. We take care of every flavor and the fruit quality to offer you only the most fascinating drinks and make your night an unforgettable sensory experience. 


Mandala is for vodka enthusiasts, it’s an aromatic cocktail that fuses citrus with the spice of saffron. Its flavors are smooth, fresh and a great way to explore Funky Geisha Tulum's mixology menu.