Funky Geisha and its inspiration on Asian Street Food


Many Asian countries are known for their incredible and exotic cuisine, each area has a specialty and a different touch. Truth is, one of the best places to eat is simple: the street. 

The street stalls have gained great popularity over the years, families have been cooking the same recipe over the years, hundreds of people line up daily to eat several recipes with rice, noodles, skewers and many more options, even some of these stalls have Michelin stars thanks to its exquisite and rich dishes. 

Funky Geisha has been inspired by all these stories and oriental recipes to create a diverse menu that includes dishes from Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisine. We give you some ideas to eat on your next visit to Funky Geisha Tulum.




In Asian countries, sharing dishes at the table is a common practice among friends and family, as well as being meals that can be eaten quickly on the street. There are perfect recipes to achieve this, such as chicken, beef or shrimp skewers, edamame, vegetarian spring rolls, as well as sashimis.

We recommend starting your evening at Funky Geisha, one of the best asian food restaurants in Tulum, sharing different appetizers to be able to experiment with different flavors and textures. 




So many styles: rice noodles, with eggs, vegetables, chicken or beef. In Funky Geisha you can find: Korean noodles, Drunken noodles, Pad thai and several curry dishes with noodles, vegetables and exquisite sauces and aromatic condiments.

A party of flavors inspired by different international cuisines you can enjoy at Funky Geisha located in the hotel zone of Tulum.




A classic that will never go out of style and that satisfies all taste: rice. Nothing is more comforting and delicious than a yakimeshi. Funky Geisha’s Menu offers a wide variety of rice dishes you can mix with different proteins, you will also find a vegetarian version seasoned with truffle oil that you will love. Dare to try new combinations! 




In many Japanese cities, people have nigiris for breakfast. What makes this type of sushi special? There are two important elements: rice and the seafood that balances it, which should be fresh and top quality. 

Rice should be meticulously prepared with the perfect seasoning and cooked to perfection to complement the seafood flavors, such as eel, tuna, shrimp, salmon and many other options. 

At Funky Geisha we guarantee premium ingredients such as tuna, hamachi and salmon.  



The robata is the Japanese grill and the technique used to cook, at Funky Geisha we have different dishes cooked this way, the most popular are the oysters sauce glazed salmon with apple curry, rack of lamb in anise orange sauce, lacquered duck in plum sauce. 

These dishes are original house recipes worth discovering. 


Unveil the magic of Asian street food, in one of the best restaurants in Tulum and take a journey through flavors and sensations in Funky Geisha.