Funky Geisha now in Cabo


Playa del Medano is Funky Geisha’s new home, now you can experience the Asian mysticism on the beach shore, with incredibly decorated spaces to experience a bohemian and chic ambiance on its elevated decks, handmade rugs, lamps and details that will transport you to a magical Oriental setting. 

Funky Geisha has arrived in Cabo to become the best Asian food restaurant in the Pacific. Its exquisite dishes such as sushi, rice, curries, noodles and other Thai, Chinese and Japanese delicacies will conquer your heart within the first bite. 

Funky Geisha Cabo has a different setting that makes it unique from others, enjoy a privileged view, with your feet in the sand and an incredible drink in your hand. Discover the concept of mixology based on herbolary and diverse flowers as a source of inspiration for the recipes. The cocktails were created as potions whose purpose is to repair, revitalize and purify. 

Its extensive menu offers a great variety of dishes to explore different flavors and aromas.  Sushi rolls are prepared with the freshest seafood and the exact techniques to offer you a feast of rich flavors you will not find anywhere else. 

Discover a wide variety of dishes such as noodles and curries prepared with authentic Asian ingredients, which create sensations you will never forget; without a doubt, there is no wrong option when choosing in the menu. 

For a complete experience enjoy the Taiko Drum and Sacred Fire show, two exciting shows that will delight your senses and turn your nights into an exciting celebration.

Don’t miss the opportunity to live an unforgettable evening full of surprises and great moments, which will make you want to come back.